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In Cahoots @ Barboza, Seattle

… songs such as “Secret Handshake” and “Sweet Tooth” showcase the band’s guitar-driven roots, but then they can totally change it up and (surprise!) even get kind of twangy for songs like “Carolina Throwaway.”

Hey Marseilles @ Showbox, Seattle

Hey Marseilles have come a long way since I first saw them play a breezy 2 o’clock opening set for Capitol Hill Block Party.

Julia Massey(& the FFD), The Hoot Hoots, and The Great Um at the Tractor Tavern

On a soggy Thursday evening, my partner-in-crime and I made our way into Ballard’s Tractor Tavern for the perfect cure for our mildew blues: Julia Massey and the Five Finger Discounts, The Hoot Hoots, and the Great Um.

Julia Massey & the Five Finger Discount’s Five Letters From Far Away

Five Letters From Far Away, the new album from Julia Massey and the Five Finger Discount, is a cosmic pop journey, space exploration through a dance-party sector of the universe.

The Royal Violent Birds – Barry Brusseau

Stripped of loud guitars and surface fluff, he maneuvered into the subtle rather than the over-stated.

Thee Satisfaction @ Nectar Lounge, Seattle

Thee Satisfaction @ Nectar Lounge, Seattle, Washington, United States

The Rubbish Zoo

Feeling like you’re in a funk? The Rubbish Zoo can take care of that.

Topographies – Liz Rognes

It’s this honesty that shines through the entire album. Liz Rognes is a woman who is not afraid of her own self, her strengths and her flaws, and she sings her truth in a voice of redemption …

Torn ACL’s & Ozomatli @ The Showbox, Seattle

Opening with a spirited La Gallina, off of Don’t Mess with the Dragon, from 2007, Ozomatli made it perfectly clear that they were taking no prisoners.

Cardiology – Sara Jackson Holman

Sara spent a full seven months in the recording studio, and you can hear in the results the time and effort involved to fully process her music …

New York Rifles @ 2 Bit Saloon, Seattle

Though based out of Portland, their breed of garage punk summons images of desperate times in 1970’s New York City.

Roaming Herds of Buffalo

The album crosses realms of a less audacious Modest Mouse, a Decemberist without the pretension, or an Aqueduct beyond synth; the production, a crisp sheen on a bulging, morphous creature of pop-rock.

Pomerantz, Pocket Panda, and Brite Lines @ Tractor Tavern, Seattle

… the theme of the night – three bands on the verge of great things, busting at the seams with new music to share.

Charles – Martha! Mother

With some debt to post-rock, Martha! Mother isn’t afraid of crescendos, musical and emotional. What sets them apart is when they combine it with the intimacy and fuzziness of a 4-track recording. If this all sounds messy, in practice it isn’t because of a heaping dose of restraint.

After All This Time – Low Fi

Gone is the overcast, coffee simmered survival mechanistic humor; this is a sound not of salty skyscrapers but of a land left wilder, the sound of a handful of speeding cars on I-84 at midnight.

How Hard a Heart of Gold Can Be EP – James Apollo

..the EP is an aural glimpse of a ghost, an Americana wanderer searching for a frontier that disappeared in the gaudy neon of the modern world.

Something in the Trees @ The High Dive, Seattle

The snow had stopped by the time we reached the High Dive, Fremont only getting a heavy dust on this first day of Puget Sound’s state-of-emergency, national-news-making, self-parodying blizzard.

Mississippi Pizza Pub

Venue & Performance Space @ 3552 N Mississippi, Portland, OR 97227, United States

The Unknown – Animal Sound

This is a record that will make you want to take a long pull on a cigarette and stare, brooding, into the western horizon. It captures the messiness of life: love, pain, death, anger, and hunger but in such a way you’ll finish listening to the ten tracks and want more.

No Matter How Faint There’s Light In Everything – Bright Brown

Bright Brown started out as a solo project by Nahas in response to a post 9-11 world and his thoughts regarding his own identity as an Arab American living in a society with many barriers.

Drew Grow and The Pastor’s Wives Album Release

wild and crazy; the performers danced insanely, instruments broke frequently, and bizarre howling duets happened (more than once). For those of you who enjoy music that messes with your mind and toys with that bit of childlike anarchy still lingering in our souls.. I hope you were at the show.

New York Sessions – Con Fullam

When you listen to Fullam, it’s like listening to music played to you when you were young. Well, that is if your folks were awesome and made sure to play you Nash, Buffalo Springfield, and Odetta. If that is the case, listen to Fullam’s music and see if you don’t remember him.

Shared Medium Summer 2010 Showcase @ Seattle Weekly’s Artopia, Georgetown

Moraine, Mean Recess, F, Bone Cave Ballet, Motercraft, Haikuchi, and Alligator Pears playing the Shared Medium NW Showcase at the 2010 Artopia Festival, Georgetown.

Circle EP – Labasheeda

Members Saskia van der Giessen (vocals, guitar, violin), Arne Wolfswinkel (guitar), Thanios Fotiadis (bass) and Dyan Ramekers (drums) play a melodic, and often chaotic, blend of music that’s familiar to indie fans – both catchy and oftentimes heavy.

Cuckoo Bird – The Headlocks

Hailing from Staten Island, New York, The Headlocks is a big band. Rob Carey, lead vocalist/guitar/harmonica player, ensures me there’s only seven full time members.

The Woodlands

Hannah and Samuel, of the Woodlands, have crafted together a work that conveys the intelligence and art of simplicity.

Painted World – The Soft Hills

The Soft Hills new EP, Painted World, depicts the serene soundtrack to what is quite possibly one of Wayne Coyne’s day dreams…

Shared Medium 2010 Winter Showcase @ Woodshed, Seattle, WA

I wish I could figure out what holiday was going on in the universe cause I can’t wait for it to come again…

One of These Days – Norey

Essentially, this album is a rabbit hole of both practical and nonsensical emotional reactions; but making interesting observations about love, lust and humanity.

Big Sur @ Connor Byrne, Seattle

Self described as American Folk / Melodramatic Popular music, this Bellingham band, led by Jake Humming, accompanied by Steve Norman on Pedal Steele/Dobro and Trumpet, backed up by Mike Bergstrom on Bass and Derek Jackman on Drums, had no problem drifting into the ageless ballads of the West Coast folk tradition…

The Bohemian Bitch and Other Songs From Poets Row – Ethan J Perry

Ethan Perry’s music is drunk with melancholy, but without the hangover at the end.

A Silent Way & Mars Retrieval Unit @ Nectar Lounge, Seattle

A Silent Way & Mars Retrieval Unit @ Nectar Lounge, Seattle

Emily Wells & Simple Citizens at High Dive

Emily Wells and Simple Citizens @ High Dive, Seattle, WA, United States

Guns Ammo Jewelry Coins – Strange Jerome

‘Gun’s Ammo, Jewelry Coins’ (Strange Jerome, 2009) is a life retrospective. The album carries the slightly aching and very honest melody of love realized (and not), choices revisited and ambitions rekindled.

Shared Medium Summer 2009 Showcase @ Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle

Branden Daniel and Everybody Gets Laid, Moraine, Reptet, and RandAll Dance at Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle. Shared Medium Northwest Showcase, Summer 2009.

Shared Medium 2008 Summer Showcase @ Seattle Weekly’s Artopia, Georgetown

Shared Medium Showcase at Artopia, June 28th 2008, Georgetown. David Hillman, Pete Bush and the Hoi Polloi, The Nextdoor Neighbors, The Alligator Pears, and Seeing Blind.

Daryl Pierce

This Self-titled release by Daryl Pierce is like a ride on a slow-moving cloud.

The Attic EP

Melodic and wondrous, The Attic revels in a dark lounge sound… Each instrument, each note, each line laid down on their debut self titled album lives like smoke in some dark bar unchecked by society.

Amanecer – Luna Nueva

Amanecer, Luna Nueva’s debut album, opens with a ruckus-like a good joke told and guitar laughter fills a crowded room-and instantly you understand why a new moon has risen.

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