One of These Days – Norey

January 17, 2010 in MusicReviews

One of These Days - NoRey

One of These Days - NoRey

One of These Days is an Alice in Wonderland sort of album, crafted in a series of hypnotic, rhythmic, and intoxicating melodies. The album starts with a lulling beat, a dreamlike melody, almost as if the song depicts a person lost in a trance. The feel of the music gives off an air of a soft lullaby, hushing us into a sense of calm as the first song fades off into the distance.

The eerie prelude drifts off into the distance. With track 2, the mood changes and the music comes to life with the sound of a rhythmic beat, a crash of symbols, and climbing guitar flood the sound waves. The change is an abrupt waking up. It’s almost as if the later melody is mocking the former.

But just as we begin to feel comfort in this idea of reality, the record again changes it’s tune. Suddenly Alejandro’s voice is distant. The record winds in and out of musical labyrinths, just as it seems to settle in one direction, it takes another turn. The music takes many styles, ranging from reggae to rock, to pop, to indie to blues. Each song is distinctly different, each song is tied together with Alejandro’s voice.

Essentially, this album is a rabbit hole of both practical and nonsensical emotional reactions; but making interesting observations about love, lust and humanity. It grapples with the curiosities, befuddlement’s and insecurities that our conscious and subconscious minds constantly ponder, or, as NoRey puts it, “wonder.”

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