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Drew Grow and the Pastor's Wives
Drew Grow and The Pastor’s Wives Album Release
October 7, 2010 in MusicReviews

wild and crazy; the performers danced insanely, instruments broke frequently, and bizarre howling duets happened (more than once). For those of you who enjoy music that messes with your mind and toys with that bit of childlike anarchy still lingering in our souls.. I hope you were at the show.

New York Sessions - Con Fullam
New York Sessions – Con Fullam
August 30, 2010 in MusicReviews

When you listen to Fullam, it’s like listening to music played to you when you were young. Well, that is if your folks were awesome and made sure to play you Nash, Buffalo Springfield, and Odetta. If that is the case, listen to Fullam’s music and see if you don’t remember him.

The Woodlands
The Woodlands
January 23, 2010 in MusicReviews

Hannah and Samuel, of the Woodlands, have crafted together a work that conveys the intelligence and art of simplicity.

Guns Ammo Jewelry Coins
Guns Ammo Jewelry Coins – Strange Jerome
September 29, 2009 in Reviews

‘Gun’s Ammo, Jewelry Coins’ (Strange Jerome, 2009) is a life retrospective. The album carries the slightly aching and very honest melody of love realized (and not), choices revisited and ambitions rekindled.