The Woodlands

January 23, 2010 in MusicReviews

The Woodlands

Hannah and Samuel, of the Woodlands, have crafted together a work that conveys the intelligence and art of simplicity. Their music evokes feelings of bittersweet nostalgia. The soft tone of Hannah’s voice, along with Samuel’s sleepy melodies, hint to all of the past moments that still linger along the heart strings. There’s the distinct feeling of having all of your past romances and forgotten places and people whispered back to life.

The charming couple sing songs of the mortality of the moment. Drawing from all the moments we have had with loved ones, family, and friends. Their music expresses almost perfectly both the bliss and sadness found in the recognition, in both the joy of being and the sadness found in knowing that moments, as beautiful as they can be, are not eternal.

It is incredible how easily their music will turn your mood; how each song puts you under a different spell. Their newest self-titled album conveys wonderfully the Woodlands potential as artists and what they have to give to the world.

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