Daryl Pierce

June 2, 2008 in MusicReviews

Daryl Pierce

This Self-titled release by Daryl Pierce is like a ride on a slow-moving cloud. The atmosphere is thick with condensed pop hooks, and Pierce’s upright bass and light voice guarantee a smooth ride. Live drums and guitar, as well as synthetic beats and keyboard lines, intelligently accent Pierce’s soulful voice. The result is a record that defies a single genre, yet has an internal cohesion, allowing each song to inform the others.

“Objectify,” the album’s opener is an upbeat number, showcasing Pierce’s energetic sound, and establishing his voice with live instruments. Deeper cuts, such as “Expatriate” and “Secrets,” reveal a darker mood and emphasize Pierce’s talents for electronic arrangements and thick aural environments. His bass playing is especially at home on the instrumental “Watering Hole,” in which the instrument takes on a rich, organic quality in the midst of fluctuating synthesizers and staccato drums.

Pierce is uniquely capable of creating both involved rhythmic landscapes, as well as compelling vocal melodies to occupy them. The songs on the album bear out his varied influences and point simultaneously toward the DJ and the rock band.

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