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Roaming Herds of Buffalo
Roaming Herds of Buffalo
May 14, 2012 in MusicReviews

The album crosses realms of a less audacious Modest Mouse, a Decemberist without the pretension, or an Aqueduct beyond synth; the production, a crisp sheen on a bulging, morphous creature of pop-rock.

Charles - Martha! Mother
Charles – Martha! Mother
February 23, 2012 in MusicReviews

With some debt to post-rock, Martha! Mother isn’t afraid of crescendos, musical and emotional. What sets them apart is when they combine it with the intimacy and fuzziness of a 4-track recording. If this all sounds messy, in practice it isn’t because of a heaping dose of restraint.

After All This Time - Lo Fi
After All This Time – Low Fi
February 3, 2012 in MusicReviews

Gone is the overcast, coffee simmered survival mechanistic humor; this is a sound not of salty skyscrapers but of a land left wilder, the sound of a handful of speeding cars on I-84 at midnight.

The Unknown - Animal Sound
The Unknown – Animal Sound
May 12, 2011 in MusicReviews

This is a record that will make you want to take a long pull on a cigarette and stare, brooding, into the western horizon. It captures the messiness of life: love, pain, death, anger, and hunger but in such a way you’ll finish listening to the ten tracks and want more.

Drew Grow and the Pastor's Wives
Drew Grow and The Pastor’s Wives Album Release
October 7, 2010 in MusicReviews

wild and crazy; the performers danced insanely, instruments broke frequently, and bizarre howling duets happened (more than once). For those of you who enjoy music that messes with your mind and toys with that bit of childlike anarchy still lingering in our souls.. I hope you were at the show.

New York Sessions - Con Fullam
New York Sessions – Con Fullam
August 30, 2010 in MusicReviews

When you listen to Fullam, it’s like listening to music played to you when you were young. Well, that is if your folks were awesome and made sure to play you Nash, Buffalo Springfield, and Odetta. If that is the case, listen to Fullam’s music and see if you don’t remember him.